12-clergy, 12-topics, 12-months.

This program is to foster strong and long-term communication among a group of clergy so they can work together to face and solve common problems. Church leaders need practical skills as well as knowledge to be effective in mission and ministry in our ever-changing culture. Clergy will disseminate what they have learned in their parish and beyond.

The program has been developed with the generous voluntary help of Dr. Nancy Mathis, the Executive Director of the Wallace McCain Institute at the University of New Brunswick (Fredericton).

“Traditional Christian teaching has been otherworldly in its emphasis. It has had more to say about how to accept failure than about how to succeed, more about suffering than about action.” Lesslie Newbigin

How do we engage with the culture around us? How do we remain true to our essential beliefs whilst discovering new ways to reveal the good news is God’s world? 12-12-12 is a place where participants give and receive mutual support, are given the best available teaching about issues they have identified and act as peer coaches and mentors to each other.