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Job Opportunity Camp Brookwood, Bristol NB “Groundskeeper”  

Job Summary If you love the great outdoors and working hard with your hands for fair compensation, then the job of groundskeeper is ideal for you. Groundskeepers maintain and improve the landscapes around buildings and facilities, making sure that the place in question always looks its best. In addition, groundskeepers are responsible keeping grounds safe, and spotting other potential dangers around the property. The health and safety of employees, campers and guests alike is in the hands of the groundskeeper. You will get the chance to use a variety of practical skills as a groundskeeper, including carpentry, painting and landscaping, all of which are valuable in day-to-day life skills.

Job Responsibilities
· Clean interior and exterior areas of buildings on our campus on a daily basis, as well as performing additional cleaning tasks.
· Pick up and remove trash from the building and dispose of it appropriately on a daily basis. ·         Carry out regular maintenance on structures, and including carpentry work to repair any damage which could be a safety hazard.
· Perform light tasks using shovels, picks and other tools to dig trenches and level ground etc.
· Painting, staining buildings and weather protecting decks.
·  Maintain landscape by mowing lawns, planting grass, trimming trees and bushes, and whipper snipping around buildings.
·  Maintaining nature trails.
·  Contact the appropriate technicians and specialists for maintenance jobs that the groundskeeper cannot do alone.

Job Skills & Qualifications Required:
·         Age 16 to 30
·         Currently unemployed
·         Ability to work independently
·         Able to communicate effectively with staff and visitors to the facility
·         Police check

·         At least one year experience in maintenance or a skilled trade
·         English language proficiency
·         Work place First Aid  

Please send resume to Camp Brookwood: Camp Brookwood  P. O. Box 557  Florenceville-Bristol, NB  E7L 1Y8 or [email protected]