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The Bishop of Fredericton seeks to appoint a priest and rector to the Anglican Parish of Shediac in the Diocese of Fredericton.  

The Parish of Shediac incorporates the town of Shediac and surrounding communities with two church buildings on either side of Shediac Harbour.  Regular worship is held at St. Martin’s in the Woods in Shediac Cape and a weekly summer service is held at St. Winifred’s in Pointe-du-Chêne.  There are two Sunday morning worship services at St. Martin’s; the main service alternates between Holy Communion and Morning Prayer, using both the Book of Common Prayer and the Book of Alternative Services.  There are three layreaders who assist with worship.  

The parish commission is “sharing the Good News in our church community and beyond” and their mission statement is “to have Jesus Christ in our hearts allowing Him to be Lord of our lives”.  They believe themselves to be a family oriented, close knit community with much history, but also recognize the challenges of an aging congregation and declining attendance.  Shediac is an area where population is expected to grow.    

Expressions of interest should include:

  • A Curriculum Vitae.
  • Three referees prepared to provide information on the cleric’s pastoral skills, his or her interpersonal and communication skills, ability to build community, ministry experience and sensitivity. If you are an Assistant Curate or graduating postulant for ordination, you should give your Rector, supervising priest or mentor as a reference.
  • A written statement of about 500 words outlining why they are being called to explore this opportunity.

Clergy from outside the diocese should confirm that they have their bishop’s permission to explore a possible appointment outside of their own diocese.

A confidential reference may also be requested from your Diocesan Bishop and in addition to other references. The successful candidate will be required to provide a valid criminal record and vulnerable sector check and may be required to authorize a credit check.

Contact Cheryl Jacobs, bishop's secretary, for a more detailed parish profile.

Closing date:  April 30, 2019


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