No walking today, but plenty of activity. Trevor and I joined the combined congregations of the Suburban Moncton Parishes for worship this morning. It was a gloriously sunny day, with temperatures reaching 29C, as we had a barbeque in St. Philip’s church grounds after the service.

After two weeks of walking, worshipping and meeting people it is now back to reality. Since arriving home I have unpacked my walking gear and packed it away. Done my washing and cut the lawn. All this because at 8 am tomorrow I will be celebrating the Eucharist at the 2017 Clergy College in Fredericton. I still have to pack my case to leave for that event.

Every year so far when I have undertaken these walks a theme has emerged. This year has been no different though it has not been easy to capture it. As I have reflected over the last few days I think I have it: the certainty of God in the midst of randomness and apparent uncertainty.

As you may recall there have been several incidents during the pilgrimage where disaster could have struck, the last being the falling of a tree in Moncton on Friday night. In addition, people have shared their stories with me about things that have happened in their lives which have come out of the blue and in many cases still have consequences today.

There is also uncertainty on the larger scale. People are concerned about the way in which the world seems to be disrupted at present. There is the obvious matter of terrorism, but also climate change, the refugee crisis, famine and so the list goes on. The things which were certain seem to be vanishing into the distance. Life seems to be much more complex and much less stable.

What are we to make of it? I suggest that we look to the promises of God. Jesus said that he is with us always to the end of the age. There is the promise that life in Christ is life in all its fulness. These are not pious platitudes and sometimes we have to hang onto them for dear life. Yet in a world where things seem so tenuous where else do we turn?

To end I want to thank all those who have hosted Trevor and me this year. I am also grateful for all the small acts of kindness made along the way. Next year I intend that we walk in the Archdeaconry of Woodstock.


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