The Diocese of Fredericton has a number of gifted leaders serving in various voluntary capacities and roles.

Dean & Commissary:  The Very Rev. Geoffrey Hall

Chancellor: David Bell, LLM
Vice-Chancellor: Dr. Kelly VanBuskirk, Q.C.
Diocesan Misconduct Complaints Officer: Ann Whiteway Brown, Q.C. | 506.325.2900
Assistant Misconduct Complaints Officer: Victoria Hachey
Diocesan Privacy Officer:  Ben Bourque

Diocesan Registrar: The Rev. Canon Tom Smith
Diocesan Archivist: Lorna Williams
Diocesan Archives: (at the Provincial Archives) Joanna Aiton Kerr | 506.453.8431

Stewardship Officer: Michael Briggs
Ecumenical Officer: The Rev. Robert LeBlanc | 506.595.0195
E-Offering Administrator: Jean Wilson

Warden of Layreaders:  Cleo Cyr | 506.847.0116
Diocesan PWRDF Representative: Anne Walling
Diocesan Representative - Anglican Fellowship of Prayer: The Rev. Debbie Edmondson


Full list of Synod roles and committee membership



  • The Rev. Canon Stuart Allan, retired
  • The Rev. David Alston
  • The Rev. Wendy Amos-Binks, retired
  • The Rev. Canon Howard Anningson, retired
  • The Rev. Canon David Barrett
  • The Rev. Robert Barry, retired
  • The Rev. Canon Francene Bedell
  • The Rev. Leonard Bednar, Chaplain, 5 CDSB Gagetown
  • The Rev. Canon Malcolm Berry, retired
  • The Ven. Roderick Black
  • The Rev. Harold Boomer
  • The Rev. Kevin Borthwick
  • The Rev. Dwayne Bos, Senior Base Chaplain, 5 CDSB Gagetown
  • The Rev. Michael Caines
  • The Rev. Eric Caldwell, retired
  • The Rev. Canon John Cathcart, retired
  • The Rev. Jasmine Chandra
  • The Rev. Terence Chandra
  • The Rev. Canon Neville Cheeseman, retired
  • The Rev. Deborah Cochran
  • The Rev. Barry Cohen-Thorley, retired
  • The Rev. Canon Edward Coleman, retired
  • The Rev. Wally Collett, retired
  • The Rev. John Cooper, retired
  • The Ven. Perry Cooper
  • The Rev. Canon Wally Corey, retired
  • The Rev. Canon Patricia Craig, retired
  • The Rev. James Crighton
  • The Ven. Thomas Crowther, retired
  • The Rev. Robyn Cuming, retired
  • The Rev. Ellen Curtis, on leave
  • The Rev. Dr. Sean Davidson
  • The Rev. Captain Dana Dean, retired
  • The Rev. David Dean, retired
  • The Rev. Terrance Doncaster, retired
  • The Rev. Canon Patricia Drummond, retired
  • The Rev. Eleanor Dryden
  • The Rev. Norm Dupuis
  • The Rev. Debbie Edmondson
  • The Rt. Rev. David Edwards
  • The Rev. Canon George Eves, retired
  • The Rev. Ann Fairweather
  • The Rev. Brenda Fowler
  • The Rev. Greg Frazer, on leave
  • The Rev. John Galbraith
  • The Rev. J. Peter Gillies, retired
  • The Rev. Bruce Glencross, retired
  • The Rev. Arnold Godsoe, retired
  • The Rev. Canon James Golding, retired
  • The Rev. Dr. Dan Goodwin
  • The Rev. Christine Greer, retired
  • The Ven. Arthur Gregg, retired
  • The Rev. Barbara Haire
  • The Very Rev. Geoffrey Hall
  • The Rev. Jonathan Hallewell
  • The Ven. Brent Ham
  • The Rev. Canon Elaine Hamilton, retired
  • The Rev. Stephen Harnish
  • The Rev. Dr. Cole Hartin
  • The Rev. John Harvey, on leave
  • The Rev'd Lidvald Haugen-Strand, ELCIC
  • The Rev. Chris Hayes
  • The Ven. Harold Hazen, retired
  • The Rev. Canon Dr. Ross Hebb
  • The Rt. Rev. William Hockin, retired
  • The Rev. Andrew Horne
  • The Rev. R. Keith Howlett, retired
  • The Rev. Karman Hunt, retired
  • The Rev. Valerie Hunt, retired
  • The Rev. Eileen Irish, retired
  • The Rev. Canon James Irvine, retired
  • The Rev. Ellis Jagoe, retired
  • The Rev. Paul Jeffries, on leave - missionary priest
  • The Rev. Christopher Ketch
  • The Rev. Canon David Kierstead, retired
  • The Rev. Mary Anne Langmaid
  • The Rev. Robert Langmaid
  • The Rev. Wilfred Langmaid, on leave - UNB
  • The Ven. Cathy Laskey
  • The Rev. Gerald Laskey
  • The Rev. Canon Bonita LeBlanc, retired
  • The Rev. Robert LeBlanc
  • The Rt. Rev. George Lemmon, retired
  • The Rev. Amanda Longmoore, on leave
  • The Rev. Canon Jon Lownds, retired
  • The Rev. Canon Sandy MacPherson, retired
  • The Ven. Robert Marsh
  • The Rev. Canon Leo Martin
  • The Ven. John Matheson
  • The Rev. Garth Maxwell, retired
  • The Rev. Kevin McAllister
  • The Rev. Canon Richard McConnell, retired
  • The Rev. Paul McCracken, retired
  • The Rev. Canon Bruce McKenna, retired
  • The Rev. Brenda McKnight, retired
  • The Ven. Karl McLean, retired
  • The Rev. Christopher McMullen, DMin, retired
  • The Rev. Daniel McMullen
  • The Rev. Canon Gregory McMullin
  • The Rev. Dr. David Mercer, retired
  • The Rt Rev. Claude Miller, DMin, retired
  • The Rev. John Mills, retired
  • The Rev. Robert Montgomery
  • The Rev. William Morton, on leave
  • The Rev. Thomas Nisbett
  • The Rev. Shirley Noseworthy
  • The Rev. Craig O'Brien
  • The Rev. Michael O'Hara
  • The Rev. Rufus Onyewuchi, retired
  • The Ven. Keith Osborne, retired
  • The Rev. Neil Osiowy
  • The Rev. Philip Pain, retired
  • The Rev. Douglas Painter
  • The Rev. David Peer
  • The Rev. Joyce Perry, retired
  • The Rev. Eric Phinney, retired
  • The Rev. Julian Pillay
  • The Rev. Edward Quann
  • The Rev. Ted Quann
  • The Rev. Paul Ranson
  • The Rev. Paul Rideout
  • The Rev. Richard Robinsonretired
  • The Rev. Robert Salloum
  • The Rev. Steven Scribner
  • The Ven. John Sharpe, retired
  • The Rev. Dr. John Simons, retired
  • The Rev. Captain Charles Smart, retired
  • The Rev. Canon Dr. Robert Smith, retired
  • The Rev. Canon Thomas Smith, retired
  • The Rev. Canon Albert Snelgrove
  • The Rev. Canon Wandlyn Snelgrove
  • The Rev. E.T. (Ted) Spencer, retired
  • The Rev. Jonathan Springthorpe
  • The Rev. Canon David Staples, retired
  • The Rev. Canon Richard Steeves, retired
  • The Rev. Rose Steeves
  • The Ven. Kevin Stockall
  • The Ven. Reginald Stockall, retired
  • The Rev. Thomas Stradwick
  • The Rev. M. Dwight Stuart
  • The Rev. Canon Allen Tapley, retired
  • The Rev. Gordon Thompson, retired
  • The Rev. David Titus, on leave
  • The Rev. Dr. John Tremblay, retired
  • The Rev. David Turner
  • The Rev. Caleb Twinamatsiko
  • The Rev. Canon Christopher VanBuskirk
  • The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Wells
  • The Rev. Canon Alvin Westgate, retired
  • The Rev. John Paul Westin, DMin
  • The Rev. Dr. Lee Whitney, retired
  • The Rev. Canon Walter Williams, retired


  • Captain Hugh Bateman
  • Captain Cyrus Blanchet
  • Captain Shawn C. Branch
  • Captain Bonnie Hunt
  • Debora Kantor
  • Robert Pitman


  • Robert Cheatley
  • Robert Griffin
  • Diane McKay
  • Nicholas Saulnier