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It feels like a very long time since I sat down to eat lunch in the hall of St. Augustine’s, Quispamsis, having decided that I needed to fly to the UK because of my Mother’s deteriorating condition. In fact, it might be said that I have had the longest lunch-break in history. Now after over four months, Trevor and I have regained our breath and are ready to begin again, from a slightly different place nad using a slightly different route. I look forward to visiting the eastern parishes in the Kingston and the Kennebecasis archdeaconry and meeting with the people there.

The good news is that, despite several dips over the summer, my Mother remains in fairly good physical health, though her mental capacity is becoming more compromised each day. I have come to realize what a strain caring is for my Dad. He goes to the nursing home where Mum now lives twice a day to ensure she is fed. Her condition is so varied from day to day and even within one day that he is never sure what he will find. This variation is hard for him to understand. 

What I have seen over the several years of my Mother’s deterioration is an up close and personal example of unconditional love. My Dad is always there for her trying to make life better. He experiences anguish that he is unable to have her at home, because her being away causes them both distress. At 91 years old, when the weather is good enough, he puts her in a wheelchair and pushes her around the block. His listens to her ramblings and tells her he loves her “to bits”. She tells him the same. 

In watching my parents over this time, I have learnt so much about what Jesus meant when he said love one another and also that we should lay down our lives for our friends. My Dad lavishes the whole of himself on my Mum. It is an overwhelming, endless love; something I will reflect upon over the coming days as I walk and rest.


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