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The two‑point Parish of New Bandon runs along the picturesque coast of the Bay of Chaleur following Route 11 eastward from the east boundary of the City of Bathurst, encompassing the communities of Salmon Beach, Janeville, Clifton, Stonehaven and New Bandon (a distance of about 30 kilometers) as well as the communities of Canobie and South Canobie, a few kilometers south of the Janeville/Clifton area.  There are two church buildings: Christ Church in Clifton and St Alban's in Salmon Beach.  The parish rectory and Christ Church hall are in Clifton less than a kilometer from Christ Church.  Worship services alternate between the two buildings and between the Book of Common Prayer and Book of Alternate Services.

6913 NB-11

Clifton, NB

E2A 5M5

phone 506.546.2828
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Parish Clergy & Staff

The Rev. Paul Gwese

Service Times

Sunday - 10AM