Brief Description and Mandate

The Property Committee is a sub-committee of, and reports to, the Finance Committee. It may from time-to-time advise or report directly to the Bishop. The Property Committee is responsible to assist the Finance Committee to:

  • Fulfill the requirements of the Anglican Church Act, 2003 (Act) respecting the purchase, design, construction, renovation, restoration, disposal or demolition of real property by the parishes, the Cathedral, and the Synod;
  • Meet specific real property responsibilities identified in  Canon FiveCanon SixPolicy A-3, Policy A-9, the Safe Church Regulations , and in other regulations or legislation as may from time to time be adopted by the Synod;
  • Consider Mark of Mission #5 and civil and ecclesiastical direction with regard to the sustainable management of real property across the Diocese; and
  • Address issues associated with historic places designations.

Responsibilities and Reporting

The Property Committee meets its responsibilities to the Finance Committee by offering advice and guidance directly to parishes, the Cathedral and the Synod with respect to real property including;

  • Offering advice and support to the Territorial Archdeacons in carrying out their responsibilities under Regulation 4-1 to examine parish buildings and property insurance;
  • Seeking support of the Territorial Archdeacons on projects being proposed by the parishes under their care;
  • Bringing forward recommendations with respect to real property projects being proposed by parishes, the Cathedral and the Synod that require the approval of the Synod and the Bishop; and
  • Offering advice with respect to policies pertaining to the long-term sustainability of real property in the Diocese.


Membership will be 7-9 members, with a mix of clerics and lay persons all of whom have an interest and expertise in the management of real property. Where possible, membership may include one representative from each Archdeaconry to provide assistance with respect to property responsibilities to the Archdeacon while providing a presence across the Diocese to assist the Committee with its work.

The Secretary of Synod, the Treasurer of Synod and the Chair of the Finance Committee are ex-officio members of the Property Committee and, as such, are kept apprised of the activities of the Property Committee and are consulted as appropriate between meetings of the Finance Committee.


Meetings of the Property Committee will typically be virtual, by e-mail, telephone and/or other internet-based mechanisms.


Committee expenses and travel.

Sub-groups and Other Links

Ad-hoc groups from the committee to consider specific issues.

Revised 2021-May-17