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The Parish of St. Mark is located in south-central New Brunswick, near the town of Sussex. It shares an incumbent with the Parish of Waterford. Within the two parishes, there are two church buildings, St. Mark's in Sussex Corner and St. John the Evangelist in Waterford, with weekly services; All Saints in Jeffries Corner with at least a monthly service; and this chapel of ease in Londonderry.

The people are firm in their belief in the Gospel and endeavour to accommodate traditional and contemporary expressions of faith during worship. They also try to keep apprised of and respond to the needs of the communities in which they are placed.

854 Shepody Rd

Londonderry, NB

E4E 3S1

phone 506.433.4412
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Parish Clergy & Staff

Interim Rector:
The Rev. Dan McMullen

Assisting Priest:
The Rev. Canon Allen Tapley

Service Times

Summer service at St. Paul's:
Sunday, July 16, 2023 at 2:30pm

Regular Sunday worship in the parish:
8:00 and 11:00 am weekly at St. Mark, Sussex Corner.
Monthly Sunday services in Waterford and Jeffries Corner.
Please check the parish website for other options.