About the Formation Program

The program is for the training of locally raised and ordained individuals.

  • Those preparing for ordination to the (vocational) diaconate require a minimum of 6 units.
  • Those preparing for ordination to priesthood via distance education programs require a minimum of 10 units

Units will be offered as instructors and resources are available during three identified annual “semesters” of study:

September - November
January - March
April - June

Basic Outline:

Month 1 - Reading of required texts as set by the instructor(s)
Month 2 - One or two day-long learning days with a proposed schedule:

10AM - 11:00AM: Lecture/instruction
11AM - 12:00PM: Group discussion/interaction/integration
1PM - 2PM: Lecture/instruction
2PM - 3PM: Group discussion/interaction/integration
3PM - 3:30PM: Community time
3:45PM - 4:30PM: Celebration of the Holy Eucharist

(One session mid October/mid February/mid May OR two sessions one early and one late in October/February/May)

Month 3 - Participant preparation of a written submission of not less than 1000 words (Due without exception on the final day of the semester).

Required of Participants

  1. Registration application for each programme unit prior to its beginning (September/January/April). Registration deadlines and unit descriptions will be made available.
  2. Completion of required reading prior to the day-long session(s).
  3. Attendance at the day-long unit session(s) as scheduled by the instructor.
  4. Completion of the written submission due without exception on the final day of the semester.

For more information, contact Archdeacon Cathy Laskey.