Who: Open to all in the diocese (lay and ordained)  
When: One-year commitment – September 2023 to June 2024.
How: Monthly gatherings on a Saturday at Camp Medley.
Dates are: Retreat weekend Sept 16-17; Oct 21; Nov 18; Dec 16; Jan 20; Feb 17; Mar 16; Apr 13; May 18, June 8.

What: Involves reflection, prayer, discussion, study (reading, audio, video sources), goal-setting, experimenting with missional initiatives, guest speakers, and mutual peer support.
Costs: Meals and educational materials are covered by the Synod. Some assistance is available for travel support (if the parish cannot help).

- Participants commit to attending all of the cohort sessions and an estimated average of three hours per month of study, reflection, and discernment/visioning for themselves and their faith community.
- Participants are expected to work on a Missional Project, in their community, and with their parish. (More details at the first session)
- Parish Corporation is apprised of their leader’s involvement, time, and work requirements. They covenant to fully support this initiative, recognizing that it will greatly benefit the life and missional ministry of the community. 

Apply Here [Deadline: July 7, 2023]

For more information, contact Shawn C. Branch.