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Rev. Godfrey Byamukama over 2 years ago

Greetings from the Diocese of Kinkiizi Anglican Church of Uganda.
Need your Partnership Relationship and family

Rev. Godfrey Byamukama over 2 years ago

Greetings from my family. Am very grateful to be on this platform and to share my heartily desires and passion for economic and social liberation out of poverty and Hunger among poor people in Uganda and my beloved community. Sharing a problem is half solved. I hear that there are funding organization and partners through financial support and Community Transformation agenda they create to improve human life. Can I agitate and call upon you into this fundamental theory into practical ultimate provisions by creating an able, transformed society with enough incomes, food security and agriculture technologically advanced for a such an awesome life for our people.
Thank you so much for your total collaboration and attributing to my role of Community Health Empowerment Ministry as well as Community Transformation agenda fulfilled in our time as part of our deliberate contribution.
We must be passion enough to see and act on behalf of the suffering communities and homes which have no enough food, have dirty water and neglected role of children upbringing undertaken by you, your neighbor and mostly important The individual and foundations, and funding Organizations with resources to empower, teaching and trainings for such social weakened communities.
Come down and make a cooperate responsibility.
Hopping for your friendship and cooperation in reply form.

Primate role Rev. Godfrey Byamukama Missions and Evangelism Coordinator Diocese of Kinkiizi Anglican Church of Uganda.
Community Health Empowerment Ministry Facilitator Diocese of Kinkiizi.
WhatsApp +256781642243

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