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By Paul Jeffries

Greetings from all of us at Bishop McAllister College and Anglican Seminary in Uganda! We reopened on Jan. 18 with just under 200 students, the finalists in their respective sections.

While we continue to face a few challenges, things are actually going quite well. We have received good news this past week. The Ministry of Education has given the green light for all students to return to school.

It still won’t be quite back to normal as the different classes have their returns staggered over the coming months to avoid overcrowded conditions and congestion.

So over the next few months, we still won’t have everyone at the same time. I believe this will work very well, at least for the students.

Schools have been instructed to not have exams which take up a considerable amount of time each term, but instead to concentrate on teaching new material so students catch up to where they should be in the syllabus.

Teachers will need your prayers. While this staggered format will work well for students, teachers will lose much of their normal vacation time that follows each term.

While the calendar for the entire year hasn’t been released, I expect it will take us into early 2022 so that the students are completely back on track.

On another note we have made a little progress on the music department in 2021, due to a few donations and pledges. which is quite encouraging.

We have been able to lay the foundations for the Keyboard Lab and MDD building (music, dance and drama). The choral rehearsal room has also taken another step from the first ring beam to the second ring beam. One step at a time!

We are excited about the progress, even these small steps. Our hope is to roof the choral rehearsal room this year if all goes well. Things are beginning to look up! “To God be the Glory!”

I can’t tell you how much we appreciate everyone’s support for so many years. With your help we are truly making a difference. May God continue to bless and keep you!

Bishop McAllister College is located in Kyogyera in southwestern Uganda. If you would like to donate to the school, to Canon Paul Jeffries’ stipend, or to help students with school fees, click here.  Then click on ‘general funds’ and find Bishop McAllister College on the list of choices. You can also call the diocese at 506-459-1801, ext. 1003.

The Rev. Canon Paul Jeffries is rector of Bishop McAllister College & Bishop McAllister Anglican Seminary.

Photo captions:
1. An aeriel view of Bishop McAllister College campus
2 & 3. Construction continues on the newest building on campus, the MDD building that will house music, dance and drama.
4. The Rev. Canon Paul Jeffries, who is orginally from New Brunswick.
All photos submitted

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