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I trust everyone is doing well.

Let me begin by saying I am impressed with the ways in which people have responded so far to the restrictions we face due to COVID19.

Here in Fredericton on Saturday evening we were asked to make a noise to thank the essential services for their work during this time. Debbie was presented with a schoolyard bell when she retired from teaching, so we stood on the front porch and rang it. There was a great deal of noise in our area.

I have also been witness, on two occasions, to something I have never seen before — drive-by birthdays. Cars pass people’s homes with banners saying happy birthday and drop gifts on the sidewalk.

It is good to see such creativity to make sure that children do not miss out.

That being said, for many of us it is not easy as we enter into the fourth week of being at home. I am not going to come up with any slick ideas about how we deal with the situation.

For those of us who are finding it hard, my words will probably not be very helpful.

I have written about four times now that this is the most unusual of Holy Weeks. For me it means less rush than usual and more time to reflect on the stories which make up Jesus’ last week. His teaching. The encounters he has in the Temple. The Last Supper and on into the Passion.

Again, I recognize that for me that pandemic is relatively easy. There are two of us in the house, and we can talk to each other. There are no unsettled or anxious children wanting our attention.

This time to reflect has made me ask if there is a need to re-orient after the restrictions are lifted. Can I/we easily slip back into the way things were? Will something have shifted at a deep level in all of us?

Please be assured that I am praying for you every day, praying that God will come close to us, and praying that he might change me. I ask for your prayers.


Diana S. Lyons 7 months ago

Thank You for your prayers! I pray for you as well and ask God to keep you in good health! Many blessings to you and your wife during this Holy Season. Happy Easter! I enjoy reading your comments and find them to be very encouraging and uplifting for me even tho I keep quite busy. I am one of the Parish Wardens here for the Parish of Ludlow and Blissfield, and we are very blessed to have Fr. Neil with us as you know. He has been busy making phone call to our parish family and keeping in touch during this trying time. God Bless You!

Charles Thomas, waarden. Oromocto and Maugerville 7 months ago

Most of the congeration has been contacted by phone by the wardens and the phone comittee to hear if there are any concerns at this time. They were advised to contact us if required.

The church bell was rung on Pam Sunday for ten minutes and will be rung again on Easter Sundayfor ten minutes.

We tought of bringing flowers to some of our sick and shut- in but cancelled it at this time for a later date, justs to be on the safe side.

Bests widhes and God bless. Be Safe.

Eva Stewart 6 months ago

I have been following your reflections and services and have a real sense of Jesus presence in my life as i meditate on your word from Holy Scriptures. Keep up the messages. They are uplifting and bring comfort during these troubling snd uncertain times. For this to take placeat this Holiest season of Easter shows us a bit of the troubled time our Lord suffered and makes us aware how much we need Jesus in our lives walking with him daily.

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