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Believing circulation information was long out of date, the Anglican Church of Canada began a project to revamp the mail-out (circulation) lists of all diocesan papers in 2018. 

You might remember the ads in the paper reminding readers to “opt-in” — the method chosen to rebuild the circulation lists. That meant they abandoned their list of subscribers and started at zero. 

This exercise, though necessary, had startling results. It seems most of our papers were being thrown away upon receipt or mailed to people who had passed on.

For comparison sake, 5,321 copies of the New Brunswick Anglican were mailed out in January 2018 — before the exercise began.
In September 2021, as the chart shows, 1,888 NB Anglican newspapers were mailed, representing a subscriber reduction of about 70 per cent. 

This is not unique to our diocese.  Across Canada, dioceses and the national church are mailing about two-thirds fewer papers than they did in 2018. 

The good news is our press costs have dropped dramatically. As well, there is the environmental benefit of less newsprint being used. And finally, we have 1,888 subscribers to the NB Anglican who want the paper because they opted-in to continue receiving it. 

If you’d like to receive the New Brunswick Anglican, or you wish to make changes to your subscription, email:, or call 1-866-924-9192, ext. 259.

In order to receive the paper copy of the NB Anglican, you must also receive the Anglican Journal. They are mailed together, not just here, but in every diocese. The alternative is to access the NB Anglican online at this link:


Albert D Fraser about 2 years ago

I want to receive a paper copy of NB Anglican but do not want the publication from the national church. How can this happen?

Diana S. Lyons about 2 years ago

I would prefer only the NB Anglican!!

Robert Brander about 2 years ago

Just curious, how many people switch to the electronic newsletter/email that Gisele McKnight does? Be interesting to see stats for same two months. I decided to make the switch to eNews that comes from Gisele, and also switch to electronic news from Anglican Journal. Still get the same great news, but more environmentally friendly… and I’m not waiting as much as a month for it to arrive (delays getting down here in the US)

kathy ferguuson about 2 years ago

I would still like to receive both. There is nothing better than sitting in a comfy chair with a steaming cup of tea and my newspaper :)

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