Diocesan Council Executive held an emergency meeting Oct. 30 and discerned unanimously that the meeting of Diocesan Synod will not be held on Saturday, Nov. 3.  

It was felt that members of Diocesan Synod wouldn't be in a suitable frame of mind to engage in a meeting on Saturday. The hearts and minds of many are focused on supporting and respecting Janet and Bishop David during her illness.     

We ask for your continued prayers for Janet and Bishop David. As the day was already set aside for a meeting, we are encouraged to enter into prayer for Janet, David and our diocesan family on Saturday.


Vicars Hodge over 5 years ago

Good call on postponing Synod -- and calling for intentional prayer for Janet and David. Carole and I join you in prayer from Sarnia. We are asking the Lord for his healing mercy and blessing to be know by both David and Janet.

Robert Taylor over 5 years ago

A very wise move. Not only would we not be in the appropriate frame of mind, but also I see nothing in the Agenda that is urgent to be done right away. We await the pleasure of Diocesan Council, and continue to uphold Janet and David.

Dianne Craft , Christ Church , Bloomfield over 5 years ago

Christ Church , Bloomfield ACW and Parish ask for Gods healing blessing and comfort for David and Janet. Our prayers have been ongoing since receiving word of Janet's illness. May God's Love and healing hands be with you both as we continue to pray for you.

Chris Hayes over 5 years ago

Our parish delegates agree with the decision, as the whole parish continues to pray for Janet, and for Bishop David. Thank you, Council Executive, for putting the most important matters ahead of business and schedules. In this way, we model what we proclaim as Christians.

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