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Archbishop David Edwards will wrap up his seven-part pilgrimage this year with a walk through the Archdeaconry of Fredericton.

“It’s a sign of returning to something akin to normalcy,” he said. “I’m looking forward to being out among people — members of congregations and others.”

His annual pilgrimage, like so many things, was stalled during the pandemic. Although he’s an avid walker in his neighbourhood, the rural roads and trails will be a highlight, he said.

As for training, he has logged 70,000 to 90,000 steps a week, according to his step counter.

“There were very few days, even in the depths of winter, that I didn’t get out,” he said.

David began his pilgrimages in 2015, walking in the archdeaconry of St. Andrews for two weeks, aided by his route planner and friend, Trevor Fotheringham. Each year, he’s walked an archdeaconry; in 2019 the intention was to combine Saint John and Kingston & the Kennebecasis, though this did end up being completed in two parts.

The pilgrimages dates have been set for Saturday, May 21 to Sunday, June 5. The walk will begin in Hoyt and end at Christ Church Cathedral in Fredericton.

“Of all the ones we’ve done, this will be the longest one,” said Trevor. “There will be a lot of walks on trails rather than roads.”

Trails are preferable for several reasons: safety, interest, nature, the ability to spread out rather than walk single file, and the ability to chat. The disadvantages are more mosquitos and fewer impromptu meetings with people who live on the route. 

Though Trevor is an avid hiker, he is happy to retire from his role.

“As much as I’ve enjoyed it, I’ll be glad to have it done.”

David, as well, feels a sense of accomplishment as his pilgrimage odyssey come to an end.

“It’s the last archdeaconry and the completion of what I set out to do in 2015,” said David.

Parishes and parishioners have been instrumental in making the pilgrimages a success. From providing meals and places to shower and do laundry, to joining the walk for an hour, a day or more, the pilgrimages have relied heavily on them, for which both Trevor and David are very thankful. 

You are invited to join the pilgrimage for an hour, a day or more. Just consult the website for current pilgrimage location and join the archbishop for a walk.

The archbishop writes a blog each evening of the day's events and musings. You can check it out here once the pilgrimate begins. 

1.  Joining then Bishop David Edwards on the 2017 Moncton archdeaconry pilgrimage were, from left: the Rev. Chris Hayes, Barb and Loris Geldart (Loris is now deceased), Bishop David and Ron
Whitehead.  Submitted photo

2.  In Sussex for the Kingston & the Kennebecasis 2019 pilgrimage, from left: the Ven. Rob Marsh, Cheryl Jacobs, Trevor Fotheringham, Bishop David, the Ven. Cathy Laskey and Debbie Collicott (now Edwards).  McKnight photo  

3.  Trevor and Bishop David walk through Kings Landing after a service at St. Mark’s Chapel of Ease during the 2018 pilgrimage in the Archdeaconry of Woodstock (though technically Kings Landing is in the Fredericton archdeaconry).  McKnight photo

4.  This year's route. This is a tentative schedule, with more up-to-date information available on our website:


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