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I recently wrote to the House of Bishops with the following plea, and now I direct that same plea to you: Can you help children with disabilities in the West Bank of Palestine?

For them, there is one treatment option: the Jerusalem Princess Basma Center, a Christian foundation run by the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem. However, the barriers to accessing treatment are formidable: poverty; hard-to-get travel documents; and now, a lack of hospital funding.

Most patients are Muslim. These children have become collateral damage, pawns in a political war of world leaders. A major source of funding for the hospital, USAid, has been suddenly cut off, leading to an emergency.

Several bishops in Canada have formed a team seeking to raise $100,000 to help keep the Center functioning this year. We are part of an International Communion effort with Hong Kong and the US assembled by Archbishop Suheil of Jerusalem to raise $1 million dollars.

I am inviting you, your diocese and perhaps some of your parishes to help out. See the Master Appeal, which outlines three specific projects for parishes, dioceses and individuals. There are also links to children’s stories, and information on how to give.

Tax receipts are available. We are working with The Canadian Compass Rose Society, who have supported Princess Basma Center in the past and who have the necessary agency agreements to enable monies to be sent overseas.

If you have questions, please contact me at bppoole (at) . As well, please click the links to learn more, and please pray for success for our efforts and for the vulnerable kids we are trying to help.

The Right Reverend M. Philip Poole is a retired bishop in Barrie, Ont. He serves as chaplain to the House of Bishops and is the Canadian link and President Emeritus to the Compass Rose Society.

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