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You would be forgiven if your parish is a bit rusty when it comes to missions. After all, two years of social distancing, closed churches, masking, and enforced isolation have discouraged and disheartened many a church.

“As Christians, we’re called to be a blessing to others,” said parish development officer Shawn Branch. “Coming out of the pandemic, many churches have gotten out of the habit.”

So if you’re looking for a way to return to outreach, Love Atlantic is a good place to start.

“It’s a simple way to get back to that discipline,” he said.

Love Atlantic, from Oct. 2-8, is a week of “radical generosity in Jesus’ name,” says its website. Congregations are encouraged to plan activities to help demonstrate the love of God in their communities as part of this ecumenical, multi-province initiative.

“We have one parish collecting toiletries for a women’s shelter in their community,” said Shawn. “One is holding a barbecue for the school adjacent to them. Another is talking about doing a grounds clean-up at a local nursing home.”

Shawn offers this piece of advice: Don’t make it complicated.

“The simpler the better,” he said. “This could have a huge impact on our region just by simple actions in the community.”

Shawn is coordinating this effort in the diocese, and even has some financial help through the Missional Initiatives Fund if parishes need some cash to get them started, he said. And while it’s not a requirement, Shawn would love to hear what your parish has planned.

The Synod Office staff have their own team and are planning an activity to coincide with the event.

There is still time to plan an activity in your parish, and if you require some guidance, it’s not far away.

“If you need help with an idea, call me,” said Shawn.

As of Sept. 20, there are 115 churches, representing 30,000 people participating in all four Atlantic provinces.

To contact Shawn:  506-459-1801, ext. 1008  or

For more information on Love Atlantic, visit their website:

If your parish participates in Love Atlantic, why not assign a photographer to take some photos, and have someone write a short article on the event for publication in the New Brunswick Anglican?

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Benard Odongo over 1 year ago

Hello Sir, my Diocese is still down after covid 19 another trouble came a serious war in churches in the Diocese fights, beating up some clergy, grabbing church land and buildings in different archdeaconaries, no remitting offertory in church etc I would invite you to help this Anglican Church and council the new Bishop.

Thank you

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