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The Canadian Christian Communicators Association annual awards gala was held May 26 and the New Brunswick Anglican won only one prize.

However, it was the most prestigious category of General Excellence — naming it the best Christian newspaper in Canada, with editor Gisele McKnight at the helm. This is the second consecutive year it has won this category. It also won in 2020.

The category of General Excellence in Christian newspapers across the country measures overall quality of the publication and appropriateness to its audience, including variety and quality of editorial content, design, photography, graphics and typography.

This year’s category judge, Rick MacLean, noted the following:  “Very solid coverage in the tradition of a small-town newspaper, with newsy stories and relevant photos.

“The use of contributed photos goes a long way to bringing the faces of members of the target audience to the larger audience. Always a good idea.

“The ‘Kings Landing’ shot is a winner. Great angle. Has a movie quality about it.

“The excellent photos throughout are really noticeable. On page after page, the photos are shot from good angles and they’re up close, so the facial expressions are clear.”

The judge cited the ledes (first paragraphs) in a couple of stories as noteworthy: a My Journey There story on Jasmine Chandra, and the news story that Chris VanBuskirk had won an award.

JASMINE:  “It wasn’t just any mission field. It was Monaco. Yes, that Monaco, the tiny, two-square-kilometre city-state, playground of the rich and famous on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Of its 38,000 people, one in three is a millionaire.”

CHRIS:  “If he had his way, the Rev. Canon Chris VanBuskirk would rather you not be reading a story about him receiving the City of Moncton’s highest honour.”

The judging was based on newspapers published in May, September and November 2022.

One of the most impressive outcomes of the awards is that Anglican newspapers swept the General Excellence category, with Crosstalk, in the Diocese of Ottawa (editor Leigh Anne Williams) placing second, and The Saskatchewan Anglican (editor Jason Antonio) placing third.

Anglican newspapers swept this category last year as well, with the NB Anglican, Huron Church News and Crosstalk taking first, second and third place.

To read the list of awards, click here. 


Ann Balch 9 months ago

The judge made an excellent choice! I've always admired your writing and the content of the publication. I liked (and agree with Rick's critique!) Thanks for all you do, and congratulations!

Richard Larder 9 months ago

Congratulations to you Giselle as Editor of a most "spirited" and dynamic publication. I well remember your visit to me in Saint John and your gracious and friendly manner in asking probing questions so articulately. You are truly a one off and a blessing to so many. All the best to you. As Neil Young sang, "Long May You Run!"

Robert Griffin 9 months ago

Congratulations Gisele. Well deserved. You raise the profile of the Diocese, and bring the lives of parishioners to the forefront.

Cindy Derksen 9 months ago

Gisele is a treasure! We are so blessed to have her dedication in attending so many events around the diocese. She makes it look so easy; yet imagine the time each article takes. Thanks so much Gisele!

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