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As Christians, hopefully we’ve all heard that still, small voice of the Holy Spirit directing us. For Heather Harris-Jones, that voice was directing her to apply for a job.

The job was treasurer of the Diocesan Synod.

“I was looking for something that was more purposeful that also had an environment that was more supportive,” she said, adding that she was working too much overtime and felt discontented.

“As all these other things were going through my head, I saw the ad posted. Then I saw it posted again. I was being given a message.

“I was out walking and said, ‘this is it.’

So she applied, got an interview and an offer. She began work May 14. What’s impressed her so far are the people.

“Everyone has been encouraging, very genuine and supportive,” she said. “What I see are like-minded values.”

Heather is a practicing Roman Catholic originally from Dalhousie. She’s been living in Fredericton since 1989. She studied accounting in Moncton earlier and redoubled her efforts to earn CMA (Certified Management Accountant) and CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) designations at UNB once she moved here.

Heather’s been an entrepreneur, running chalet rentals near Crabbe Mountain when her children were younger and then running her own management and controller consulting business. She has also worked for the provincial Department of Transportation & Infrastructure and Enbridge Gas in accounting positions.

Heather and her husband, Brian, have three grown children: Jason, 27; Derek, 24; and Hannah, 21. Jason and Derek are both welding inspectors while Hannah is studying to be a dietician at UPEI.

Outside of work, Heather loves to garden, walk, exercise and go camping. She also loves music, has sung in many choirs and is a long-time flute player.

At work, Heather is taking one day at a time.

“Any transition has a learning curve, but each day, it’s coming,” she said. “I love learning, and this job has the potential to have a more positive impact, a more purposeful impact that gives back to the community.”


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