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Dear Parishes,

We write this letter to share with you our excitement over plans for the 2019 Diocesan Youth Pilgrimage. On April 28th a team of twenty-one young adults from across New Brunswick will be traveling to Cape Breton, NS to serve and work alongside an organization called Lighthouse Ministries in the Glace Bay region. While there we will also be visiting the local L’Arche location, which is an intentional live-in community that serves adults with intellectual disabilities. Our team is enthusiastic to challenge themselves, encourage one another, and share their love by serving those who have been faced with social oppression.

Many mission trips are focused on physically serving the communities they encounter. Our team is unique in that we go with the intent to serve those we encounter, but also with the purpose and desire to listen and learn from those who are working to seek justice in their communities, and to befriend those who take refuge in the services they provide. Our goal is to serve others, lead by example, and encourage our young leaders to come back to New Brunswick with an inspiring motivation to do the same in their own communities.

Year after year this trip has proven to be a turning point in the personal leadership development of the youth we work with. Opportunities like this grow the confidence of our future leaders to see in themselves that they do have a voice to be heard, and that they are capable of making a difference in the world.

With great appreciation, we request your financial support and best wishes as our team prepares itself for this journey. To make this trip a reality, we require to raise funds of about $10,000, and therefore donations of any amount are welcomed and immensely valued. Donations can be sent directly to our Diocesan Synod office at 115 Church St. Fredericton NB E3B 4C8, or can be given securely online through our portal, by going to and clicking on “Donate”, followed by “Canada Helps”, and directing your donation amount to the “Youth Mission Trips” Fund.

Further questions about our trip, goals or financial contributions can be directed toward any member  of our team, as well as the Diocesan Youth and Intergenerational Directors by contacting Allyson Caldwell or Colin McDonald. We thank you in advance for your consideration in contributing to this youth leadership development and service opportunity.

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