As per Public Health’s Guidance Document for General Public Health Measures, New Brunswick churches must have and follow a COVID-19 Operational Plan to show adherance to public health measures and guidelines in order to open. 

  • Orange level (all NB zones currently): in-person services are limited to 50 participants, or fewer depending upon the size of the facility, with two metres of physical distancing apart from those who do not belong to their single household bubble (except for performing end-of-life rituals). Continuous mask wearing is required. No singing is permitted. Other indoor religious observances, funerals, celebrations of life, marriage ceremonies, receptions and social gatherings of more than 25 people are prohibited. Wearing face masks is also mandatory for outdoor gatherings. NEW: Visits will be allowed in hospitals, as per regional health authority policy and guidance.
  • In both yellow and orange levels, the exemption to mask wearing for officiants and song leaders is still in place, with four meters of distance.
  • Churches must continue to have their written COVID-19 operational plan in place that adheres to all Public Health infection and control measures, including the recording of attendees and the refusal of parishioners with COVID-19 symptoms and those who are in self-isolation.

Province of New Brunswick

Bishop's/Synod Office

Chambers of Commerce

You are encouraged to connect with your local Chamber of Commerce.

In particular, the Fredericton Chamber has identified companies and such where PPE (personal protective equipment) and BPP (business preparedness products) are available to be sourced from.  

The three (Moncton, Saint John and Fredericton) chambers worked together to provided this document.  

Government of Canada


Sanitizing Products

  • Big Fiddle Still, craft distillery from Harvey now producing hand sanitizer, 506-366-8002, - charging their cost plus $1 which goes to food banks
  • Fredericton/Keswick-based GAP Group - hand sanitizer (75% alcohol), disinfectant and face masks
  • Maxill - Canadian company with many years supplying sanitizing products to dentists
  • DVine Labs - Ontario company producing hand sanitizer - price list