Request Form

During this time of journeying through the COVID-19 pandemic there may be people who would appreciate being able to speak with a cleric.  People may wish to have a pastoral listening ear for the purpose of sharing their concerns, talking through spiritual matters, identifying hope in this time of challenge and someone to pray with.  Being aware that many of our parishes currently do not have clergy assigned to them and/or many people in our communities may not be connected with a faith community, our diocesan family is offering to fill this gap. 

A number of our diocesan clergy have agreed to be on-call daily to respond to requests. If you, or someone you know, would like to receive a phone call, please complete this online form. You will only be asked for a first name and telephone number.  It is our hope that persons will be called within two hours.  Any information shared will be kept in strictest confidence.

This ministry will be available daily from 8:00am and to 9:00pm until further notice.


Anonymous Prayer (no call) Request Form

Perhaps you do not wish to be called but would like someone to pray for you?  Please use this form to provide your prayer request.