"As we are able and as long as it is safe for us to do so, we can find places to help in our communities. There will be people to contact, help with obtaining groceries and medical supplies and being encouragers to those who are struggling." - Bishop David


Volunteer Opportunities

  • Canadian Mental Health Association of New Brunswick support for front-line workers:
    • Front-line worker support group” on Facebook.
    • The CMHA of NB is also asking everyone to forward them e-mail addresses of your local grocery stores, hardware stores, healthcare services, regional police, convenience stores, gas stations, pharmacies, and any other essential or frontline services, so they can reach as many people on the frontline as possible to offer support.  Contact: info at cmhanb.ca.

Support Our Missions and Ministries

  • Saint John:
    • Inner City Youth Ministry, has partnered with PULSE, is responding to the lack of school breakfast and lunch programs. They are taking requests from families for food, filling those requests largely through cash donations and volunteer help, and delivering bags of food to families.
      Contact Erin Rideout: (506) 647-9813 | Facebook
  • Fredericton:
    • The Student Hunger Program (recipient of funds from Fredericton bowling tournament) needs food donations and volunteers.  Scroll down on page in link.

Support Your Parish and Diocesan Projects

During this time, your parish and many people will need financial help. 

  • To your parish:
    • Please consider signing up for e-offering, even temporarily. Download the application, fill it out and sign, create a voided cheque or obtain a Direct Deposit Form from your bank, then either:
    • Drop off or mail a cheque to your parish office, priest or wardens.

Parish officers please note: Michael Briggs, our diocesan stewardship coordinator, is available for consultation and help, by phone at 506-866-7318 or email at mikegbj@gmail.com.

  • To other diocesan funds and projects: 
    • Online through CanadaHelps using the Donate link in the upper right corner of this page - this is the best option while staff are not in the office.
    • By mail to the Synod office with designated fund or project clearly indicated in the memo field or on a separate note.


Self Care

Grief Care (in preparation for Grief Forum with Rick Benson)