Diocesan Council is elected by Synod to work closely with the Bishop in managing and administering the temporal affairs of the Diocese. Council has the power of Synod when Synod is not in session. It seeks and takes the direction of Synod, and implements Synod's decisions.

Council has an inter-dependent, supportive and harmonious relationship with the Bishop in all things. Council's focus is in four main areas: providing support and advice to the bishop, playing a leadership and coordination role in the ministry, mission and programs of the diocese, encouraging and communicating with parishes, and supporting the work of the Anglican Church in Canada and around the world.

Diocesan Council Committees and Teams

Full list of Synod roles and committee membership

Current Membership:

Kathy Asch, David Barrett, David Bell, Roderick Black, Gilbert Carter, Sandra Craft (Vice-Chair), David Edwards (Chair), Geoffrey Hall, Brent Ham, Chris Hayes, Lionel Hayter, Susan Jack, Rosemarie Kingston, Mary Anne Langmaid, Cathy Laskey, Siobhan Laskey, Robert LeBlanc, Coralie Losier, Robert Marsh, John Matheson, Dylan Nicoll, Keith Osborne, David Peer, Ted Quann, Paul Ranson, William Ross, Joanna Saunders, Wandlyn Snelgrove, Thomas Stradwick, Robert Taylor, Cheryl Young


General Forms: