To manage Diocesan real and personal property; manage Diocesan trusts; exercise Diocesan borrowing functions; approve all Diocesan real estate dispositions; manage Diocesan investments, in particular, those diocesan and parish investments placed in the Diocesan Consolidated Investment Fund; advise and direct the Treasurer of the Diocese; assist in the preparation of the Diocesan budget, guide and advise parishes experiencing financial challenges; collaborate with the Human Resources Committee on issues regarding remuneration and benefits; and other matters including property and liability insurance.

Current Membership:

David Barrett (Vice-chair), David Bell (Chancellor), Gilbert Carter, David Edwards, Scott Fairweather, Geoffrey Hall (Dean of Fredericton), Heather Harris-Jones (Treasurer of Synod), Lionel Hayter, Jim Knight (Chair of Property), Susan Jack (Chair), Robert Marsh, David Peer (Secretary of Synod)