Curriculum Vitae - suggested outline

The following are suggested contents for a Curriculum Vitae when applying for a clergy position with the Diocese of Fredericton.

  1. Name.
  2. Date of birth.
  3. Contact information.
  4. Details of ordinations (Bishop, year, Diocese) or lay ministry license/commissioning (Parish/Diocese, year).
  5. Details of present appointment, including description of the work.
  6. Education, including secondary and post-secondary, with qualification or degree obtained, school name and start and end years.
  7. Other professional and/or practical qualifications obtained (e.g., teaching, social work).
  8. Career before ordination (if applicable), including a short indication of the nature of the work and responsibilities.
  9. Positions held since ordination, listed with dates in chronological order, with separate entries for positions held concurrently (e.g., Regional Dean, chaplaincies, etc.). Please indicate parish contexts (e.g., rural, urban, team ministry, ecumenical).
  10. Responsibilities undertaken for the wider church, with dates (e.g., synodical responsibilities at any level, diocesan committees and task groups, ecumenical involvement, or work for a Church voluntary organization).
  11. Continuing ministerial education and/or training in the last 5 years, excluding post-ordination training.
  12. Publications.
  13. Responsibilities in the community (e.g., school board, service clubs or community service).
  14. Other areas of interest, including special areas of concern (e.g., particular issues in the contemporary life, international matters, academic or artistic interests).
  15. Hobbies or recreations.
  16. Whether or not you own a car and have a valid driver's licence.