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An online gathering to discuss together our 2022 Lenten study book, Practicing Lament by Rebekah Eklund.

In a faith focused on resurrection hope, patient endurance, and victory in Christ, is there any room for pain, doubt, and anger? In Scripture, lament is the prayer that makes that room. Lament is the cry for all those who ache over the way things are but aren't content to let them stay that way. It's the prayer for all the ways that the kingdom has not yet come, in the hope that God's justice and peace will prevail--someday.

The study will fit into five weeks, looking at one chapter each week.  Dr. Eklund describes the progression of the book as follows:  "The first chapter lays the groundwork by describing the four-part framework of lament as it appears in the Jewish Scriptures (Old Testament). The second chapter looks at Jesus’ laments in the New Testament. In the third chapter, I explore lament elsewhere in the New Testament, especially in the Lord’s Prayer and the letters of the apostle Paul. The fourth chapter dives deeper into the logic of lament by looking at its twofold function as repentance of sin and protest against injustice. Finally, the fifth chapter offers examples of lament as a form of solidarity and vulnerable hospitality in modern-day communities."

Books are available to purchase from the Bishop's Office - contact Cheryl