Rothesay Netherwood School

Through our historic relationship and partnership with RNS, a Chaplain is appointed to the school to ensure regular worship and spiritual care for the students and staff.

Chaplain: The Rev. Robert Montgomery | 506.848.2113


Hospital Chaplaincies

The Diocese of Fredericton recognizes the importance of spiritual care in the recovery and healing journey. As such, we have appointed Hospital Chaplains in 3 medical areas of our province - Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton. If you or a loved one is in hospital, our chaplains would love to share a visit with you (please note, that due to changes in Horizon's Privacy Policies you need to specifically request a visit from the Anglican chaplain).

Saint John area (Saint John Regional & St Joseph's Hospitals):
**Currently vacant - pending appointment. 

Moncton Hospitals:
The Rev Rufus Onyewuchi (part-time) | (506) 857-8826

Dr Everett Chalmers Hospital (Fredericton):
The Ven John Sharpe (part-time) | (506) 206-1374


Seniors Ministries

In 2017, a pilot project began to create a chaplaincy ministry for the growing number of seniors' facilities in the Saint John area. The three-year trial will aim to provide pastoral support to the residents and staff of the facilities, without replacing the weekly services led by local clergy. A team of visitors are regularly being trained and deployed to provide pastoral support.