Love Atlantic
OCTOBER 2 - 8, 2023

Love Atlantic is the regional Church joining together in an unprecedented effort to shine the love, kindness, generosity, and care of Jesus Christ all over the Atlantic region. Christian Churches from every stream and background coming together with one unifying goal: kindness and care to Atlantic Canada, to the glory of Jesus Christ, and for the blessing of the communities in which God has placed His people.

Anyone that's willing to be radically generous in Jesus’ name can get involved in Love Atlantic. Several denominations from across Atlantic Canada will be joining together to bless our neighbourhoods and communities. We will all be joining together in this incredible effort in the hopes that it makes waves throughout the region.

Register and find more information at:

Parishes interested or planning on participating in Love Atlantic are asked to connect with Shawn C. Branch to help with coordination. Parishes can apply to the Missional Initiative Fund for seed funding (apply early).