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If fun is what you’re looking for, a week at summer camp is the place you ought to be.

Camp director (and the Rev.) John Galbraith outlined plans for Camp Brookwood and Camp Medley recently, and there’s lots of news.

John has been on a shopping spree this past winter, and the payoff will be happy campers.

“We’ve gotten a new water toy, a new piece to go with what we have,” he said. A series of inflatable toys stay in the St. John River during the camping season.

He purchased 70 new mattresses to replace the ones that are more than 30 years old.

“And I bought 10 peddle carts,” he said. “The hope is to build a track behind the pool. They’ll be a lot of fun.”

But that’s not all. He found fair attractions for sale and scooped up quite a few: bouncy horses; football, soccer and hockey target games; and a tire changing race where you change out a tire while on the clock.

Then there’s the giant feet, where three people strap their feet onto the two large flat feet and try to race in unison. 

There’s also popcorn and cotton candy machines, all great for their evening fair programs.

And finally, there’s a blow up race track that measures 30 by 50 feet, with remote control cars.

Some of the new toys will work both indoors and outdoors, meaning rainy days just got a lot more fun. And even more important, much of what he’s purchased is portable.

“If I want to transport them up to Camp Brookwood, I can,” he said. “If I want to take them to a church picnic, I can. It has some flexibility for youth in the diocese.”

Another game is called “9-square in the air,” a game with elements of volleyball but requiring no skill. There’s a tall apparatus divided into nine squares where players hit the ball when it comes to them. Players rotate as one gets out. It glows in the dark and is portable, and very popular. 

John sees the value in having equipment that can be used at a parish picnic. 

“We can help with the event by bringing camp to them,” he said. “There is potential around that.”

John has interviewed 31 potential people so far and was impressed with the calibre.

“I was really pleased with the quality of applicants,” he said, adding Emma Burke will return as assistant director.

He is still looking for more staff for Camp Brookwood, and he’s hoping despite the deadline, that more applications will come in soon. 

“The program is set at Brookwood, but we’re still looking for staff and a director,” he said.

Camper registrations are coming in, though slowly, he said, adding there’s lot of space at both camps.

Rentals are a great source of revenue and are growing, with lots of school kids coming back this June for field trips.

Last year, Camp Medley projected $23,000 in rentals and earned $30K. John is hoping for a similar season this year.

One loss this year is St. Michael’s Youth Conference, which, for the past two years post-pandemic, found a home at Camp Medley. This year they will return to Camp Wildwood near Bouctouche.

The provincial government was generous in helping fund new heat pumps for the dining hall, said John. He reached out to MLA Ross Wetmore, who came for a tour. 

They will be in operation this summer, and will provide a cool respite when the heat is intense, as well as heat during off-season rentals.

It’s shaping up to be a fun summer at camp, but John cautioned that to get your first choice of camps, you should register early.

1. John Galbraith, camp director, tries out a peddle-powered go cart at Camp Medley.

2.  9-square in the air is a new game requiring no skills. It has elements of volleyball, and is very popular. Photo 
compilation courtesy of

3.  A race with three kids' feet strapped to this giant foot is sure to provide plenty of laughs and memories. 

4. The old dining room has a new working fireplace for chilly days.

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Clare. Box 4 months ago

Hi John,
I hope the kids enjoy your work as much as your smile shows your joy in your work.
May God richly bless your ministry this summer.

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