Stewardship is not just about tithing or money; at its core, it’s about the worship and praise of God and serving Him through our life and vocation. The beginning of stewardship is found in Genesis 1:1. God is the creator and owner of all things.

God is the creator of humankind. And we are made in the likeness of God; our call is to live life in God’s image. We are given the command to be the manager and the steward of the world. We are given this authority because we are under the authority of God.

Regardless of your particular pursuits or vocation, your treasure is what you think about, what you go after, what you would like to attain. It’s where your heart is. God asks us to give Him our hearts, our lives, our time, our talents and our possessions. We are then responsible for the resources that he gives us. How we handle those resources reflects our true values and beliefs.

Stewardship means making wise decisions with all the resources God has given us. Our giving reveals our desire to interact with Him. Our gifts are expressions of thanks to a generous and gracious God.