Fire Watch Ministries

To assist people who have been marginalized by the policies and practice of today’s society to gain equality and respect through support, coaching, and advocacy.

  • We provide by listening and attending with  warmth, empathy, and respect.
  • We offer practical help and coaching.
  • By partnering with related agencies we give non-judgemental safety net service designed to promote quality in the lives of those we serve.
  • We model and mentor people through positive relationships with the community and with the Lord.

In keeping with the above, we offer programs such as anger management, Overcomers Recovery Support Group, Bible study, and spiritual counselling.

With support through financial and material donations and prayer, we are able to provide transportation and food. Our greatest pleasure is helping troubled people come to the Lord and rise above incarceration, street life, addictions, violence, poverty, and prostitution, helping integrate them back into their communities.

Donations are always welcome. Contact Eden and Carolyn below. 

Eden & Carolyn McAuley