The Diocese of Fredericton is committed to partnering with our leaders in the development and deployment of new and innovative ministries. Recently, through a bequest to the diocese, we are able to explore these new methods in a greater way and encourage parishes and leaders to develop alternative ways of reaching their communities.

Our Innovative Ministries and partnerships include:

  • Saint John Inner City Youth Ministry (led by a local board and director, Erin Hodge). The ministry is committed to reaching children, youth and families in the priority neighbourhoods of Saint John NB.
  • Pennies and Sparrows - Central Saint John Community Ministry (led by Jasmine & Terence Chandra)
  • Mission Church (Parish of Millidgeville). A parish in the midst of reboot, that instead of closing because of mounting infrastructure costs, chose to find a new location for worship and ministry.
  • Saint John Seniors Ministry (led by Keith Osborne)
  • Kennebecasis Area (led by Dan McMullen). Dan is focused on reaching the community through the schools and local drop-in events for those living in this area.

Additionally, the diocese provided some seed funding for Outflow Ministries in Saint John area. Outflow is committed to serving the marginalized in the community by providing an emergency men's shelter, next-stage housing, employment training and experience. Currently, the Anglican House building on Princess Street is being repurposed for Catapult Coffee & Studio.