To co-ordinate and provide a central communications point for the many and various tasks involved in the planning of a meeting of Diocesan Synod. The planning sessional committees should find a group able to provide clarifications and direction as to task items required for the smooth functioning of Synod. Evaluation and follow-up needs are to be a particular concern for purposes of better planning for the future.

On-going Responsibilities and Reporting:

Synod Planning will report to Diocesan Council through the Council Administration Team as to the status of planning work on a regular basis prior to a meeting of Synod.


Bishop | Secretary of Synod | Treasurer of Synod | Diocesan Communications Officer | Vice-chair of the Diocesan Council | Chairs of each of the Sessional Committees | Other members of synod staff in supportive roles as deemed required.

The Secretary of the Synod or the Vice-chair of Council may be the chair.

Sessional Committees:

Agenda: Responsible for the development of the program and agenda for the Synod session, which may include a learning component, and its oversight during the session.

Arrangements: Coordinate providing the facilities for Synod including, the primary meeting site, auxiliary rooms, meals, refreshments and accommodations; and address any other similar needs determined by Synod Planning.

Credentials: Prepare for and register the names of the members in attendance at the meeting and report on quorum.

Guests: Invite and oversee hospitality to any Anglican, ecumenical and other guests.

Nominating: Report to Synod regarding archdeaconry elections and oversee elections for delegates to General and Provincial synods, if required, including oversight and training of ballot counting team(s).

Resolutions: Receive resolutions from members and prepare them for submission in accordance with guidelines approved by Diocesan Council (Canon Two section 3(10)).

Technical Support: Provide technical support to meet the audio/visual requirements of the session of Synod.

Worship: Consult with the Agenda Committee and Chair to establish worship times during the session; plan liturgies, lections, music, etc.; recruit personnel and oversee this aspect during the session.