This program is designed for parishes and parishioners in the Diocese of Fredericton.  It enables parishioners to make their parish offerings through a direct debit to their bank account.

For Parishioners 

If your parish is using eOffering and you wish to join, download the application, fill it out and sign, create a voided cheque or obtain a Direct Deposit Form from your bank, then either:

  • mail to Jean Wilson, diocesan eoffering coordinator, or the Synod office;
  • take a picture of the application and your voided cheque and email to:

If you wish to change your current eOffering, please use the information change form.

If your parish is not currently using eOffering, please speak to your incumbent or a warden.

For Parishes

Participation in the program is the decision of the local Parish Corporation. While individuals certainly can and will, access the information, enrollment must be in the context of a participating parish and be processed through the local parish coordinator.

The fee for participation is $25 per month per parish. No fees are charged until there is at least one direct debit processed. 

For more information, please refer to the links at the left.  

Parish forms:

Further information can be obtained through Josh McDorman at the Synod Office or Jean Wilson, the e-offering Administrator.