This program is designed for parishes in the Diocese of Fredericton. The information provided here is for parishes that have decided to implement e-offerings and wish to make possible parishioner giving by electronic funds transfer (EFT) or "automatic debit" directly from the giver's bank account.

General Information

We are pleased to have available the Diocesan-wide e-offering program. This system enables parishioners to make their parish offerings through a direct debit to their bank account.

The e-offering information kit includes:

  • a description of the program and how it works
  • an agreement form which must be completed if the parish opts to participate
  • a brochure which can be “personalized” in Adobe Acrobat Reader with parish name to print and copy 
  • application and acknowledgment forms that also can be copied as needed
  • instructions for the appointed parish e-offerings coordinator
  • information change form

It should be pointed out that participation in the Program is the decision of the local Parish Corporation. While individuals certainly can and will, access the information, enrollment must be in the context of a participating parish and be processed through the local parish coordinator.

The fee for participation is $25 per month per parish. No fees are charged until there is at least one direct debit processed. We no longer charge a start-up fee for participation.

We know of many parishes who have been waiting for this program, and we are pleased to be able to make it available. Please give this matter your consideration.

Further information can be obtained through Ben Bourque at the Synod Office or Jean Wilson, the e-offering Administrator.