This program, provided by the Diocese, makes available a service whereby individuals can make their parish offerings through a direct debit to their individual bank accounts. This will be accomplished through an electronic funds transfer system through which funds are moved into the Parish Operating Account.

This is being provided in response to numerous requests for the availability of such a program. The service is meant to be a convenience and should in no way be construed as an obligation on the part of the parish or parishioner. Participation is completely voluntary. Here is how the system will work:

  1. The Parish makes a decision to participate and signs an agreement to that effect.
  2. The Parish appoints a local Coordinator to be responsible for e-offering in the Parish.
  3. The Coordinator responsibilities will be to:
    • arrange for distribution of information brochures.
    • gather applications from those parishioners wishing to participate in e-offering.
    • ensure applications are completed in full and that a 'void' cheque is included as required.
    • ensure each applicant has a copy of the information.
    • forward applications to the Diocesan e-offering Administrator.
    • assist parishioners who wish to make changes to their e-offering.
    • communicate with the Parish Treasurer and Envelope Secretary as required.

The debits to the parishioner accounts will be processed once per week or once per month as per their instructions. The appropriate parish operating account will be credited each week to reflect the contributions made through the system.

Every two weeks the Diocesan e-offering Administrator will provide a report to the Parish as to the amounts credited to the parish operating account, the amount to be recorded on the records of each participating parishioner and the fee charged to the parish for the service.

Effective January 1, 2004, the fee to each parish for the service was reduced to $25 per month. This is intended to cover the bank fees and other costs associated with the service such as wages, communications, and office costs. It is anticipated that with increased participation the fee may be further reduced.