2019 Clergy Conference
September 23-25, 2019

Villa Madonna, Rothesay NB


Registration Deadline: September 6 @ 4PM

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2019 Clergy Conference
September 23-25, 2019 Villa Madonna, Rothesay NB

THEME: ‘All things new’

Conference Registration/Check-in is Monday, 1PM-2:30PM, followed by the opening Eucharist and time with the Bishop. **Full schedule is being finalized.

1. A new church: hope renewed Many of our churches have gradually been losing hope and losing the plot as our world has increasingly and ever more rapidly changed. Beginning with a brief look at how those changes have impacted the Church, we will hear of a new kind of church that is engaging with our communities in new ways, whilst retaining the richness of our inherited traditions - churches of ordinary people beginning to do extraordinary things.

2. A new leadership: hope released. Our churches will never be released in mission until we learn what it means to release every member in ministry, out in the world and in keeping with the shape God has made them. Here, we will look at the kind of missional leaders that we need to identify, who and where they are, and how we can release them in mission. We will also unpack what it means to change our very mindset for the missional challenges we face.

3. A new heart: hope in the making When things go wrong in the Church, we often scramble for the latest solutions to try and fix the problem. The truth however is the truth that Jesus taught, that "the heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart". In this session, we will try and take an honest look at our church's heart, and look at some of the basic tools that are needed in order to renew the Church for mission.

4. A new future: hope unseen Having considered the importance of making a ‘paradigm shift’ in our missional thinking, we will focus on the greatest shift of all as we try and see all that we’re doing here and now in the light of eternity. How much would we wrestle with and resist the changes that we need to make in our churches if we could only see them from heaven’s perspective? We will end the conference by stepping back, or rather above everything we have talked about, and reflect on the challenges we face in the context of heaven.

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Canon Phil Potter
Keynote Speaker

Canon Phil Potter has just completed a five year appointment as the Archbishops’ Missioner and national Team Leader of Fresh Expressions. During this time, his main task was to steer this inter-denominational initiative through an extensive reorganization to become a ‘A Network of networks’, focused on releasing a funded organization to become an international movement of many parts. Phil is now a freelance consultant and speaker, working nationally and internationally across denominations and networks.

Before taking up his national role, he was Director of Pioneer Ministry in the Diocese of Liverpool where 1 in 3 parishes has now planted at least one fresh expression of church. He has also been involved for the past few years in national and international strategies for promoting new ways of doing church, and in the recent past has worked as a consultant and speaker in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, S Africa, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Germany.

For 20 years, he was vicar of St Marks Haydock, leading and pastoring the church through many transitions, from being a traditional urban congregation to a large and vibrant mixed economy Cell Church, able to resource and encourage others with it's story of renewal, reordering, restructuring and reinventing.

Before ordination, Phil worked in retail management and vocational guidance before becoming a professional singer-songwriter. Helping to pioneer contemporary worship, he worked and travelled internationally with the late David Watson, leading his team of Christian artists in mission, and recorded four solo albums with Kingsway music.

He has written two books: ‘Pioneering a new future’, formerly published as 'The Challenge of Change' (BRF 2009/15), and 'The Challenge of Cell Church' (BRF 2001).

He is married to Joy, who works as a Deputy Headteacher in Liverpool, and has two children, both working in the music and arts industry. His main interests are music, travel, home and garden projects, and small grandchildren.