Two initiatives are underway with respect to cemeteries in the diocese. This work is partly as a follow up to a motion approved at the 137th Synod in 2019: that Diocesan Council develop a policy and procedures for the perpetual care of cemeteries located within dissolved parishes.

Cemetery Management Regulation

Chancellor David Bell invites incumbents, parish wardens and cemetery managers to review this draft Regulation and provide feedback to him (at dbell (at) by June 15.

This effort is in response to questions to Synod personnel over a number of years on how to handle certain recurring cemetery issues. A Regulation would lay a basis for dealing with many of them by requiring that future sales of cemetery lots take the form of a written contract featuring certain standard provisions. An example of such a contract is included. At the same time, the proposed contract allows for local variation on many matters.

For many parishes, such a Regulation and standard sales contract would involve quite a change in cemetery management. For this reason, you are asked to sit down with the people in your parish who have hands-on experience with cemeteries and go through the proposal to gather feedback. In doing so, please consider not only what is in the draft but also what should be added. (Note that one feature not dealt with in the draft is columbaria.)

Cemetery Survey

A cemetery survey was distributed to parishes in the Fall of 2021. To date, about 2/3 of parishes have responded. If your church/parish has not yet responded, please find the instructions and a blank form here:

Cemeteries of the Anglican Diocese of Fredericton

Parish Cemetery Name Location
Andover Cemetery at former St. John the Evangelist NB-2, Four Falls
Bathurst   750 St. Anne St, Bathurst
Bathurst   255 Douglas Ave, Bathurst
Bright   1405-1407 NB-104, Zealand
Bright All Saints Cemetery 150 Crocks Point Rd., Keswick Ridge
Cambridge and Waterborough St. Luke's Cemetery 6689 NB-105, Youngs Cove, E4C 2C2
Cambridge and Waterborough St. John the Evangelist Cemetery 5400 NB-105, White's Cove
Cambridge and Waterborough (St. Luke's) Memorial Garden 6690? NB-105, Youngs Cove
Cambridge and Waterborough   647 NB-715, Jemseg
Cambridge and Waterborough   2266 Lower Cambridge Rd., Cambridge-Narrows
Cambridge and Waterborough All Saints 279 Bagdad Road, Youngs Cove
Campobello St. Anne's Anglican Cemetery 76 North Road, Welshpool E5E 1C2
Canterbury, Benton and Kirkland   Upper Skiff Lake Rd., Skiff Lake Settlement
Canterbury, Benton and Kirkland   1929 NB-540, Kirkland
Canterbury, Benton and Kirkland St. Mary the Virgin 821 Benton Road, Benton
Central Kings Christ Church Cemetery 41 Bloomfield Station Road, Bloomfield
Central Kings Church of the Ascension 31 Norton Shore Road, Hampton
Central Kings   NB-124 (Corner Huggard Rd.), Springfield
Chatham   750 Water Street (NB-117), Miramichi
Christ Church Cathedral   150 Church St. - East end of Cathedral
Denmark St. George's Cemetery Attached to 354 Lake Edward Rd., Lake Edward
Denmark Our Saviour Foley Brook Anglican Church Cemetery Foley Brook Rd, New Denmark
Denmark St. Paul's Cemetery 1617 Chemin West River, (Limestone Siding), Grand Falls
Denmark St. Ansgar's Anglican Church Cemetery 244 Main New Denmark Road, New Denmark
Denmark St. Alban's Anglican Church Cemetery 14326 NB-105, Medford
Denmark St. George's NB-130, Bairdsville
Derby and Blackville   NB-118, Chelmsford
Derby and Blackville   298 Main St., Blackville
Derby and Blackville   4947 NB-108, Millerton
Derby and Blackville   914 NB-118, Gray Rapids
Diocesan Synod Seaview Cemetery 3462 Lorneville Rd, Saint John
Diocesan Synod   168 Gunter Hill Rd Upper Gagetown
Diocesan Synod / St. Mary, York   68 Riverside Dr. (NB-105), Lower St Marys
Douglas and Nashwaaksis   74 Main St Fredericton
former Tobique St. Helen's NB-109, LSD Gordon
Fredericton Junction St. Lukes Cemetery 6093 NB-101, Hoyt
Fredericton Junction St. Mark's Cemetery 4332 Heritage Dr., Tracy
Fundy and the Lakes   Upper Quaco Rd., Grove Hill
Fundy and the Lakes   Mosher Hill Rd., St. Martins
Fundy and the Lakes   1063 NB-825, Black River
Fundy and the Lakes   Upper Loch Lomond Rd., Upper Loch Lomond
Gagetown St. John's Cemetery 3 Court House Road, Gagetown
Gagetown St. Stephen's Cemetery 4691 NB-102, Queenstown
Gondola Point   5 Quispamsis Road, Quispamsis
Grand Falls   Manse St., Grand Falls
Grand Manan Old Pioneer Cemetery NB-776 - diagonally across from St. Paul's
Grand Manan Old Pioneer Cemetery Extension Off Foster Hill Rd, between 9 and 39
Grand Manan   6 Cemetery Lane, North Head, Grand Manan
Hammond River Holy Trinity Cemetery 19 Stockfarm Rd, Quispamsis
Hammond River Holy Trinity Cemetery 19 Stockfarm Rd, Quispamsis (1km from church)
Hampton   Kennebecasis River Rd., Hampton
Hampton St. Pauls 486 Kennebecasis River Road, Hampton
Hillsborough Riverside St. Mary's Anglican Church Cemetery 39 Mill St., Hillsborough
Kent   42 Rue Acadie, Bouctouche
Kent St. Matthew's Anglican Cemetery 7887 NB-126, Harcourt
Kent St. Paul's Anglican Cemetery 140 Browns Yard Church Rd., Browns Yard
Kingston St. James Cemetery 3365 NB-845, Long Reach
Kingston All Saints Cemetery 1291 (1289) NB-845, Clifton Royal
Kingston St. Paul's Cemetery 23 White Head Wharf Rd, Kingston
Kingston Trinity Cemetery 3949 NB-845, Kingston
Lancaster Good Shepherd Cemetery 1440 Manawagonish Road, Saint John
Ludlow and Blissfield St. James the Greater Anglican Cemetery NB-8, Ludlow
Ludlow and Blissfield St. Peter's Anglican Cemetery NB-625, Boiestown
Ludlow and Blissfield St. James the Greater Anglican Cemetery 6959 NB-8, Ludlow
Ludlow and Blissfield St. John's Anglican Cemetery Carrolls Crossing Rd, Carrolls Crossing
Ludlow and Blissfield Russell Hill/Clay Hill Cemetery off Main St., Doaktown
Ludlow and Blissfield Old Cemetery off Main St., Doaktown
Ludlow and Blissfield St. John's Anglican Cemetery Carrolls Crossing Rd, Carrolls Crossing
Madawaska St. John the Baptist Burial Grounds 86 Rue de l'Église, Edmundston
Marysville   172 Canada St., Fredericton
Marysville St. Peter's Cemetery 592 NB-8, Durham Bridge
Marysville St. Peter's Cemetery 1346 NB-148 (formerly 592 NB-8), Durham Bridge
Minto and Chipman   718 Pleasant Dr., Minto
Musquash   NB-790, Dipper Harbour
Musquash   NB-790, Musquash
Musquash   NB-790, Musquash
Musquash   Musquash Rd., Musquash
New Bandon Christ Church Cemetery 7057 NB-11, Clifton
New Bandon St. Alban's Cemetery Bridge St., Bathurst
New Maryland St. Mary the Virgin Cemetery 373 NB-101, New Maryland
New Maryland St. John the Evangelist 2809 NB-101, Beaverdam
Newcastle-Nelson-Hardwicke   Johnson Lane, Bay du Vin
Newcastle-Nelson-Hardwicke   7019 NB-117, Bay du Vin
Oromocto and Maugerville   56 Broad Road, Oromocto
Oromocto and Maugerville   1381 NB-105, Maugerville
Pennfield   68 NB-778, Pennfield
Prince William, Dumfries, Queensbury, Southampton St. Clement's Anglican Cemetery Rte 102, Prince William
Prince William, Dumfries, Queensbury, Southampton All Saints Anglican Church Cemetery 29 Church Rd. (off NB-635), Magaguadavic
Prince William, Dumfries, Queensbury, Southampton   NB-595, Temperance Vale
Prince William, Dumfries, Queensbury, Southampton   NB-635, Magundy
Prince William, Dumfries, Queensbury, Southampton   NB-635, Magaguadavic
Prince William, Dumfries, Queensbury, Southampton   Lower Caverhill Rd., Lower Caverhill
Restigouche   115 Hall St., Dalhousie
Richmond St. Mark's Cemetery 4786 Rte 540, Jackson Falls
Richmond St. John's Anglican Cemetry 854 NB-555, Richmond Corner
Saint John Trinity Columbarium 115 Charlotte St. (to Germaine), Saint John
Saint Stephen   122 NB-745 (Oak Hill Rd), Moores Mills
Salisbury and Havelock   Petitcodiac
Salisbury and Havelock   860 Hillside Rd., Elgin (Church's Corner)
Shediac St. Albans Chemin Cocagne Sud (NB-134), Cocagne
Shediac St. Martin in the Woods Rte 134 Shediac Cape
St. Andrews   4691 NB-127, Chamcook
St. David and St. Patrick   Boyd Rd, Elmsville
St. David and St. Patrick Old Oak Bay Cemetery or Old Back Road Cemetery 23 Back Road, Oak Bay
St. George   3021? NB-760, Bethel
St. George St. George First Community Cemetery (formerly St. Mark Cemetery) 28 Main St., St. George
St. Mark's (Sussex Corner) Saint Paul's Anglican Cemetry 854 Shepody Rd., Londonderry
St. Mary, York   780 McEvoy St., Fredericton
St. Peter, Fredericton St. Peter's Church Cemetery 2365 Woodstock Road, Fredericton (Springhill)
Stanley St. James 4069 Royal Road (NB-620), Tay Creek
Stanley St. Thomas (Episcopal Church) Cemetery 52 Main St. (NB-620), Stanley
Stanley St. Pauls 119 NB-625, Cross Creek
Sussex St. John's Anglican Cemetry 570 Highfield Rd., Highfield Settlement
Sussex Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery New Line Rd (NB-111), Sussex Corner
Sussex St. Barnabas Anglican Cemetery Canaan Rapids, Queens County, South Canan Road, between 500 & 600 civic #
Sussex Saint Pauls Anglican Cemetry Robinson Rd., Goshen
the Nerepis and St. John St. Peters Cemetry - Woodsman Point NB-102, Woodmans Point, Westfield
the Nerepis and St. John   NB-102, Woodmans Point
the Nerepis and St. John St. Pauls Anglican Cemetry Extension Oak Point Beach Rd., Oak Point
the Nerepis and St. John   NB-102, Browns Flat
the Nerepis and St. John   7534 River Rd., Browns Flat
the Nerepis and St. John St. Pauls Angican Church Cemetry 71 Oak Point Beach Rd., Oak Point
the Tobique   Sisson Ridge Road, Sisson Ridge
the Tobique   2193 NB-109, Odell
the Tobique   651 Birch Ridge Rd, Birch Ridge
the Tobique Anfield Cemetery 1040 (ish) NB-395, Anfield
the Tobique / Synod   Anfield Cross Road (near junction with 395)
Upham   1342 NB-860, Smithtown
Upham   2168 NB-820 (Hammond River Rd.), Upham
Upham   NB-860 French Village
Upham   1277? NB-820, Barnesville
Upper Kennebecasis Church of the Ascension, Apohaqui 2980 NB-121, Apohaqui
Upper Kennebecasis St. Simon & St. Judes Anglican Cemetry NB-875 (Belleisle Creek Rd), Belleisle Creek
Waterford Creightonville Cemetery 665? Waterford Rd., Waterford
Waterford Saint John the Evangelist Anglican Cemetry 1010 Waterford Rd., Waterford
Westmorland St. Marks 57 Mt Whatley Loop Road, Mount Whatley
Wicklow, Wilmot, Peel and Aberdeen Church of the Good Shepherd 8772 Main St. (NB-105), Florenceville-Bristol
Wicklow, Wilmot, Peel and Aberdeen St. Barnabas Cemetery 626 Backland Rd., Greenfield
Wicklow, Wilmot, Peel and Aberdeen St. James Cemetery 3168 Main St. (NB-560), Centreville
Wicklow, Wilmot, Peel and Aberdeen Christ Church Cemetery 8525 NB-107, Glassville
Woodstock Christ Church Cemetery 1973 NB-165, Lower Woodstock
Woodstock   NB-560, Jacksonville