Cemetery Management Regulation

A cemetery management regulation for New Brunswick’s 160+ Anglican cemeteries becomes/became effective on 1 November 2023. Appended to it is a model (but optional) written contract for the sale of burial rights in a cemetery lot and a list of optional cemetery rules.

As of November 1, every parish corporation which owns land on which a cemetery is situate shall transmit to the Secretary of the Diocesan Synod a current plan of each cemetery showing lot and row numbers of lots for sale.

Regulation 6-3 Cemetery Management 

Schedule A - Contract (sample template for parish use, Word format)

Schedule B - Rules (sample template for parish use, Word format)

Video Explanation of this Regulation

This effort is in response to questions to Synod personnel over a number of years on how to handle certain recurring cemetery issues. A Regulation lays a basis for dealing with many of them by requiring that future sales of cemetery lots take the form of a written contract featuring certain standard provisions. An example of such a contract is included. At the same time, the proposed contract allows for local variation on many matters.

Cemetery Survey

A cemetery survey was distributed to parishes in the Fall of 2021. To date, about 2/3 of parishes have responded. If your church/parish has not yet responded, please find the instructions and a blank form here:

List of known cemeteries in the diocese