DIMS has some issues. Errors are now occurring when one tries to add a new "record", e.g., a new person or a new statistics or financial report.

Annual Statistical and Financial Reports

We plan to replace the statistics and financial reporting functionality by shifting to a current survey tool. More information on this will follow when the surveys are ready for your response. Because of this required change in process, we have also considered that it is a good time to update the questions. The regular March 15 deadline is suspended at this point while synod staff sort this out.

Adding New People in Parish Roles

An important DIMS feature for our work together is the parish assigning people to roles in order that we and you can generate contact lists. This feature is still working in DIMS, except when you have to add a parish member not currently in DIMS.

Please continue to update the people in parish roles through the Parish (Maintain) menu item, particularly the changes made following your annual meeting (wardens, synod delegates, treasurer, etc.). The deadline for this is still March 15.

*** If, however, you have someone who does not currently have a record in DIMS but who has taken on a parish role, please send the following information to Cheryl (

  • Parish name
  • Name (first and last)
  • Telephone #
  • Email address
  • Parish Roles (groups) to be assigned to


An error occurs when trying to add a new baptism record, but we trust that clergy are adding baptisms to the parish Baptism Registrar and so we believe we can proceed without this second measure.

Please do not hesitate to contact the synod office if you have questions,

Annual updating of parish roles is due March 15.


(The following information should be read in light of the notice above.)

Please use DIMS to enter your annual statistics, financial and contact data if you are able. This saves on effort and will help to avoid transcription errors. If access to a computer and/or the Web is an issue, you may use the working forms below to mail in.  Please do NOT mail in the working forms if you have entered your data into DIMS ... DIMS entry is the secure submission.  Quick guide for DIMS here.

Please record CEWS funds received on Row G (Grants from Gov't and Others) of the financial return.

Annual Report and Financial Statements

In addition, please deliver or mail to the Secretary of Synod, one copy of the parish annual report, including the financial statements, duly reviewed per Canon Six s. 4 (1) (k.1).  A financial review checklist and certification form is available here.

Missional Measurables

This form was added to the parish package for 2018 as an optional item.  It will continue optional for this year as well, and will be adjusted as necessary to support the Mission Action Plans that Synod requested from each parish once we are beyond the pandemic. Note, this form is not in DIMS, please submit by mail or email (  The form is available in Word and PDF formats.

Working Forms:

The following forms are to assist in preparing the information for entry and, if necessary, as a way to make a submission by paper copy. There is no need to submit returns both ways; the forms are for convenience in preparing the return or for parish records, only needed for mailing should the DIMS entry be impossible. 

  1. Statistical return | Definition key
  2. Missional Measurables:   Word | PDF
  3. Financial return (for Parish Treasurers) | Definition key (revised for 2020)
  4. Parish Financial Review checklist (with reviewer certification form)
  5. Officers and other contacts: Print your current parish profile report from DIMS (Parish Reports > Parish Profile Report - Print) and make note of changes required, including contact data. 
  6. Baptisms: authoritative paper record is the parish Register of Baptisms

Full forms package

Please note:

In DIMS, use the Parish Maintain screen on which you should see buttons for Parish Statistics, Parish Financials and Baptisms as well as the Parish Groups lists.  When beginning to enter statistical and financial data, use the “Create New Year” button and enter 2022 in the Year field.  Be sure to use the Update button at the bottom of the online form to save your work.  Please also note that the system will time out without warning so it is recommended that you update at regular intervals.

Parish Officer name and contact information is for 2023.  Incumbents and parish officers are asked to ensure that parish officer and synod delegate information is entered immediately following the parish annual meeting. This information, however, should also be updated throughout the year as it changes, including dwelling and email address changes, in order to keep parish and diocesan records current.

Baptisms may be entered anytime throughout the current year.  

Why Submit Parish Returns

Canon Five s. 7: The Incumbent of each parish and mission shall forward annually to the Secretary of the Synod in a form and on a date prescribed by regulation: (a) an annual report, (b) a copy of the financial statements, accounts and other information received at the annual meeting of voting members of the parish or mission pursuant to clause 2(1)(d) of Canon Six, (c)  an annual statistical return, and (d) a report of the election or appointment of wardens, lay delegates to the Synod, the Vestry Clerk and the Parish Treasurer.    

Please ensure that the 2022 statistical and financial returns as well as officers elected and contacts appointed for 2023 are entered/submitted as soon as possible and no later than 15 March 2023.  This information is both canonically required and forms part of the annual diocesan reporting to the ACC national office.

The requirement for the submission of parish returns exists for all parishes, whether there is an incumbent appointed or not.  If necessary, church wardens need to assure this task is completed.  If help is needed and supply or interim clergy are unable to provide it, please contact the Synod Office prior to the submission deadline.  We’ll be happy to assist.