Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions.

To schedule Archbishop David for worship, special events, requests for endorsement, commendations or birthday greetings please contact the Bishop's Secretary, Cheryl Jacobs.

Once Archbishop David has been scheduled to visit your parish, please complete this form to provide his office with worship and other details. 

Parish contact information can be found by following our Find a Church link. For further questions, please contact Cheryl Jacobs.

Please see our Parish Officers page. If you need further help, please contact the appropriate Synod staffperson

For historical parish records, e.g., marriage, death, baptism or confirmation, please contact the NB Provincial Archives

If you simply need proof of birth, marriage or death, you should contact NB Vital Statistics.


For questions related to hall rentals or third-party insurance, please contact Heather Harris-Jones, Synod Treasurer.

For inquiries related to a parish purchasing, selling or leasing parish property, please contact the Property Committee.

If you are looking to purchase parish property, please contact the parish directly or the Rev. David Peer, Executive Officer.

All questions on insurance should be directed to Heather Harris-Jones, Synod Treasurer.

This program is designed for parishes and parishioners in the Diocese of Fredericton.  It enables parishioners to make their parish offerings through a direct debit to their bank account.

All information related to e-offering can be found on the websiteFurther information can be obtained through Ben Bourque at the Synod Office.

To make a donation, you can do so through our CanadaHelps page or by contacting Justin McCoy, Synod bookkeeper, at or calling 506.459-1801 (ext. 1003). Please also contact Justin to request a receipt. 

Q. Who do I contact about submitting an expense claim?
A. Please contact Justin McCoy, Bookkeeper.

Q. Information on Shared Ministry Assessments
A. All questions related to Shared ministry assessments should be directed to Heather Harris-Jones, Synod Treasurer.

Q. Parish DCIF Investments
A. All inquiries related to parish DCIF Investments please contact Heather Harris-Jones

Q. Information on Clergy Loans.
A. All questions on clergy loans should be directed to Heather Harris-Jones.


Information on current grants/scholarships can be found on our website or by contacting Cheryl Jacobs or Heather Harris-Jones

All payroll and benefits questions can be directed to Ben Bourque, Personnel and Safety Officer.


If you are discerning a vocation, please contact Archdeacon Cathy Laskey.

For more information, see our Ministries | Vocations page.

All media requests should be directed to Gisele McKnight, Communication Officer.