Archbishop David's talks on preaching from the March 2023 Layreader Gathering


“A sermon does what all sermons are intended to do: Take God’s words, written and spoken in the past, take the human experience, ancestral and personal of the listening congregation, then reproduce the words and experience as a single event right now, in this present moment. No word that God has spoken is a mere literary artifact to be studied; no human experience is dead history merely to be regretted or admired.” (Eugene Peterson)

This course involves a presentation on the art of sermon preparation, reviewing various resources and preparing a sermon for delivery in the layreader’s parish.


On completion of this course you should be able to:

  1. Describe the 5 principles of effective preaching
  2. Understand and describe the 4 components of sermon preparation
  3. Prepare and deliver a sermon

Course Materials

Individual / Small Group Study

Layreaders are encouraged to attend group events if possible, however, this course can be completed via self study or with a small local group.

Course Evaluation

Once you have completed this course, either by yourself or with a group, please submit the course evaluation form, either online or send paper copy to:
Warden of Layreaders
168 Church Street,
Fredericton NB E3B 4C9