For layreaders in the Diocese of Fredericton.  Please ask your cleric or the warden of layreaders for assistance if you have questions regarding training.

Course Evaluation

Completed a training course or event? Please complete the course evaluation survey:

 Online            Paper (mail to:  168 Church St., Fredericton E3B 4C9)

Training Event Record

Keep track of the training events you have attended with the layreader training event record.


Individual / Small Group Study

The Diocese of Fredericton recognizes that due to the rural nature of the province it is difficult for layreaders to attend learning events. That said, it is important to remember that group format provides a more enriched learning environment where ideas are shared and knowledge exchanged. Layreaders are encouraged to attend group events if possible, however, self study modules will be offered.


When you have completed the course:

  • Complete the course evaluation:  online or paper 
  • Notify the Warden of Layreaders by email to


Foundational / Core Courses

Continuing Education Courses

* Required for those in the discernment process to become a Diocesan Layreader.