Worship is the core activity of Christians, who regularly gather together to offer praise and prayer to God. This course exposes participants to a number of resources and alternative liturgies for lay-led worship with the goal of familiarizing Layreaders with the breadth of liturgical options to increase flexibility to lead a Service in an unfamiliar setting and without support.

The course responds to the goal by focusing on the principal service on a Sunday and assumes that Layreaders will want to adjust to the practices of the community, e.g. hymns, intercessions and readings, so that as little disruption as possible occurs in worship. The course content is equally for Layreaders called to lead any Daily Office service on any day.

While the course focuses on Morning and Evening Prayer, leading the Service of Compline and leading or supporting a Funeral service are also discussed.

NOTE: Although this course provides a variety of examples of liturgy, it is the layreaders responsibility to follow and adhere to the preferences and advice of the clergy in charge of the parish in which they are leading worship.


On completion of this course, and as a layreader, you will be able to:

  1. know where to find Daily Office liturgies in our Anglican liturgical books and resources and where to find resources to prepare for worship;
  2. be familiar with the liturgies for Morning, Evening Prayer, and Compline;
  3. understand how to adapt the liturgy to add content appropriate to the liturgical day;
  4. know the factors to consider to organize and lead the service; and
  5. understand the basic considerations for preparing and leading a Burial Service

Course Materials and Resources 

Individual / Small Group Study

Layreaders are encouraged to attend group events if possible, however, this course can be completed via self study or with a small local group.

Course Evaluation

Once you have completed this course, either by yourself or with a group, please submit the course evaluation form, either online or send paper copy to:
Warden of Layreaders
168 Church Street,
Fredericton NB E3B 4C9