2019 diocesan Lenten study:  Going Deeper with Missional Habits

  • 2 formats:  booklet | bookmark  (each is designed to be printed on card stock, double-sided on the short edge, and folded .)
  • While this resource can be used on one’s own, the church is about relationship and walking in faith together; so you are encouraged to join, or form, a parish or neighbour­hood group.  
  • It is recognized that you may have already begun to form these habits, so we invite you to revisit what has changed and to share your experiences.  Please also tailor the questions to your context.   


At the 2017 meeting of the Diocesan Synod, a motion was put forward encouraging a focus on becoming a diocese of missional people. This followed a presentation on Michael Frost’s book, Surprise the World and its practices – B.E.L.L.S. We were introduced to members of our own diocese already in the process of implementing this practices. The Synod program committee selected this book as a way of looking at our mission to the wider community.

  • Bless – Dawn Mary Baker, Madawaska
  • Eat – Rob Pitman, Portland (Saint John)
  • Listen – Anna Caines, Grand-Bay
  • Learn – Erik Sample
  • Sent – Klaudia Ross

Surprise the World: The Five Habits of Highly Missional People, is a book written by Michael Frost about the BELLS method for sharing your faith.

It is a “handy tool for mobilizing Christians up, in and out into mission. That is, up into deeper connection with the Triune God; into a stronger sense of community with other believers; and out into the neighbourhood.” – Michael Frost.